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Get Whatever You Desire! - Understanding the Law of Attraction

Growing up, my mother would tell us, "Thoughts are things." You may have heard that too, or the more popular phrase: 'Be careful what you wish for - because you just may get it.' This is what we knew and understood before Rhonda Byrne was able to pull it all together under her film and book, The Secret. But what really is the Law of Attraction? Is it fact, fiction, mumbo-jumbo or is there a real logic to it that God has made part of the Laws of the Universe? What if you could just ask for anything that you desire and it would show up in your life? What would you put it into action to make it better?

Understanding the Law of Attraction is as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. So, I am going to give you the simple version. "Ask and you shall receive." Maybe you don't believe that. Maybe you feel that you could ask all day long and nothing is changing. But I am telling you, that you are already bringing everything to you, negative or positive. The best of this news is, that you can change it today.

Let's look at the Law of Attraction logically. If you are set on being negative, then you are drawing the negative to you. You see things though a negative lens, looking at the circumstances as bad or unsatisfactory. Low energy, low vibration. Low expectations and low self esteem. All tied into each other. And avoiding the real desires of what you want because you think it is out of reach. That brings you the mediocrity of life. The soul plan is for you to be in the know, so let's get you in the Understanding that God is overseeing you. First, take a look at your life. Is it really want you desired. Would you describe your personal life as best case scenario? Your desires are being met. I understand that if you think they are not, you are looking for more, but honestly, what are you willing to ask for, the mediocre, or the better than you can imagine? And are you willing to let go of that mediocre personal life and take a chance on seeing what God can do for you? Maybe the reason that you have not gotten the best deal is because you are not willing to let go of the poor one. Therefore, you are drawing in the poor choice, and the personal worst case scenario. Too afraid to let go based on the time, the money or the way that someone else may react to your new decision. You can continue to draw the worst or you can let go and clear the table for the new gift that awaits you.

Letting go of the bad is essential. How is God supposed to hand the gift to you if you are holding on tight with both hands to the past hurts, traumas and poor excuses for not getting what you really desire and need in your life. In the example of a personal life, leaving someone may be necessary but it is not selfish to let go of what does not work. It is self honoring.

But how do we draw what we really want? It is simple. You have to define it. Let's say you want to have a new home. Do you want something large or small, in the country or the suburbs, or maybe the city? You should look at the aspects of what really works in your life, and don't hold back. If you find that you need money, ask for that too. It could be the new job, or the inheritance or the gold jewelry that you no longer have use for that sets you on the path. But it is not enough to just say that you need it. Desire it. Want it bad enough to allow yourself to dream of the staircase, or the new wood floor. Maybe you think it is beyond your reach, but the Universe will respond with a respectful - yes. It is possible and as long as you are open to the possible of maybe having the new spouse or hand me down from your parents, then you may be in the best possible place to have what you want. Your own home.

It may come as a shock but the Universe works like this... The picture of what you want may be a simple house. Hud house, or a back roads little shack. However, the Universe does not want to hear that you can't have what you really want, and God is willing to provide the best thing that you can imagine. So, you have to stop saying that you are not capable of owning what you want. You need to start dreaming a little. Keep in mind that it may be you and someone else, but you need to start thinking out of the box if you get my meaning.

And believe it. You do not need to be in a garage apartment. You certainly do not have to live out of state to have what you want. You just need to be on time with your letters of recognition - and that means - pray. Just ask. Ask God, the Universe or whoever blesses your life in Spirit, that you too could be a winner of the lotto someday or own that dream home. Maybe your graceful exit in this land will someday lead you to knowing that each day in your life, you worked hard. And that you also lived to be available to others. The Universe understands this. And it complies with the will of God. So, when you are living in a dog house, and you want a ranch in the suburbs, think of the possibilities that may not have even manifested in your life. You can someday afford the best of what you need. Just ask and you will receive.

Trust. It is a lot of this equation. When you trust God to provide, he brings you out of the shallows, and into the Light. Logically, you need to see what you are heading towards. If you were the captain of a sailboat, and wanted to sail to the Bahamas, you do not set a course for Bermuda. You need to think, which island do I really want to head towards and then focus on the plan. What course do I navigate to get what I want? Bermuda is nice too, but not the island that you intended. So, how do I get there from here? Being logical does not mean that you are on your own. You set the course, and the Universe helps you sail. It is a work in progress with you and all who help you in God's Light giving you the direction that you asked to go in. And you are focused and directly going towards your goals? You know not to make side trips to New York or California if you are heading to the Bahamas. Because if you choose to delay your desires and run off course, the Universe will comply with your wishes and allow you to move around the world until you finally get back to where you wanted to go in the first place. It is not a simple - uh-huh gotcha - it is a simple - I understand. Stay the course, and pray. Do not give up and do not go at it alone. You are not moving the sailboat if you sit at home watching television and hoping that the Clearinghouse Sweepstakes will be the next knock on the door. YOU need to move. You need to make the calls, and the bankroll. And while you are on course, stop worrying and have the gratitude for all the things that you do have that make your life a blessing. You need to be in the best happiest personally thrilled way with your life, so that you see that all things are possible.

Let your worries go. As long as you are alive, you are working with the Universe to manifest what you really want... good or bad. So, keep sailing for the best case scenario because it is Spirit that is the wind in your sails - and God that is at the helm asking you where you want to go.

Anne St. John is an Author and Psychic Medium - and along with help from Spirit via automatic writing - is the author of this article today. Anne is available by appointment only for Medium and Psychic Readings at .

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