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Fool's Gold

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

I never intended to write this chapter. I never intended to live it. But there is a lot of promises broken. And this is a lesson that Spirit taught me. One that carries throughout my life and may be also in yours. Only you can tell, but there is a lot of people that will fool you. And give you less than you deserve.

Spirit was giving me this as I spoke to someone close to me. Once when I was young, I expected to be happily married. But the time was not right. And I still had lessons to learn. I accepted someone into my life that said he loved me. And he made plans with me to marry. The trouble on the horizon started when he wanted me to make small changes. Wear more color in your wardrobe. Don't you have any real high heels? Can you iron my shirt?- let me show you how to do it right... And so it began.

I would hear that I was loved and perfect - except for these few things... it started as helpful ways in how to make me over. Wear this instead. Learn to cook better, and presentation counts. You need to clean the way I was taught - like this - now do it my way. You should fuss over me more... and it went on and on. Sound familiar? Does your spouse or significant other present you with all that is wonderful and then tear you down little by little? Are you only loved when you do all the right things? I know, I was there too.

It does not matter what you do, when you are attached to someone that wants to make you over into their own perfect type of person. That person does not see you. They see the image. You will never measure up. Far from a helpful suggestion, these types of people want you to be what they see as perfect, and you cannot keep up with their fantasy of what is the best spouse, or even friend. They will tell you that they love you. They are mistaken. They are in love with the image that they want. Not you. If they have to make you over into that image, then they don't see the true and authentic self that you are. And they are missing the best part - the real you.

My dear friend, see it as a gift. You can be oblivious to the woes of this life, or you can recognize that you have the wrong guy or gal. Accepting someone that is in love with their own image of what is perfect - instead of the real you - is fool's gold. It's not the real deal, and you deserve the real thing. You deserve someone that desires and loves you. Faults and all. And that they embrace you and all your crazy quirks, your coolness, your bad hair days, your overly colorful shoes, and your false eyelashes.... everything. When you find that person that is not pestering you to be a better "whatever", then you found it. You have it. Real true love. Hold on to it tight and love that person with your whole heart. You have found real gold.

Anne St. John is a psychic medium and author. She can be booked by appointment only at

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