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Facing the Tarot: What can it do for you?

I started to draw a card. It was a Messenger. She worded in my mind: Don't stop if you know that this is a good thing. And then I understood it. The tools that we use - Divination tools - they are what we are - good or bad. So I understood and I blessed each card with my own hands. God created me. I know that I am good. God also gifted me with discernment, and that is also good. I can use this as a way of allowing Spirit to flow through the Reading, and give the message from His Perspective. Always for the highest good and purposes, here are the cards. My favorite deck is pictured above: The Good Tarot.

As I began Mediumship, I realized that not everyone was as fortunate as I am to have a friend or two in Spirit. Some are guides and some are - let's say - friends of a friend. They come in to assist. Like a football game, they can come in and receive the pass or take control when the play takes a turn. But if the client did not understand them from their own lifetime, they needed something else. They needed to see something more tangible and real to show that it was personally guided to them. And that is why I learned the Tarot.

The Celtic Cross is my favorite, and a past, present and future works well with Angel Cards. If you have a reading with me, you find that I am very good at getting the message across. The Spirit that is with you, their to guide you, is the one that is finding the way to speak. And I am simply there to interpret. I have become the messenger. It is far from where I started, as a Felony Probation Officer for the State of Florida. My Criminology degree from St. Leo College did not cover divination, but did often focus on the Devine. God is in everything. Good will always win over evil. If you disagree, then you simply have not seen the full story to the end. And God always wins. So when you are in the midst of crisis, and you have prayed but you can't see the turn in the road are not sure how to follow through, you may want to ask Heaven directly. That is where I come in. I am very connected to friends in High Places. Heaven is always with me.

Reading a special Tarot selection, a guided card reading, is special. It is gifted through the Psychic, and a good amount of your reading is given from what the cards are - and also from what Spirit is saying through them - and the Psychic Medium that is there to assist you. Here is the tricky part - how many people realize that Heaven is in control of each actual card that is given to the Reading?

See if you can picture it from Heaven's perspective. You as a guide are there, hand over the cards, and the Psychic is moving the physical hands over the cards and keeping in tune with that, you are placing your mind on each for the best way to explain the current situation and the outcome. Then we stay on the moment, and the cards start to be placed. You are given the answer to a question or the query and we give you the direction that you are seeking. It is not always the answer that you are looking to have. It may be that you are to stay instead of go. But you alone know from working within your Soul group, that you can change anything the cards are telling you. Or you can work with the flow of the Universe to serve you and see the precise outcome that the Heaven's have in store for you.

My trust is with our guides in Heaven. They always can make lemonade out of lemons, and if you want to know why, it is because you are being guided to a larger plan. And the stepping stone that you are on can lead you in one direction, or another. But if you listen to the Universe, you will see that the best outcome is to take the shortcut, or better road, as God intended. To soften the blows and lessen your suffering, He has a plan. How can you find it? All you have to do is ask. And often, more than likely, it is all in the cards.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium residing in St. Augustine, Florida. You can find out more about her at and book an appointment for yourself. Tarot and Mediumship are now available.

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