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Explaining Soul Group Connections

Imagine being in a movie, and your co-stars are people that you like or some that you don't particularly like, and you finish the assignment and it is a great success! But before a sequel can be made, another movie offers the same cast a huge bonus if they go into another story. But this time, you get the lead, and the other co-stars are recast as different people. Your mother from the last picture is now your daughter, your best friend is now not your friend but your worst enemy. And your best buddy from another movie set is your voice coach. Behind the scenes and in front of the camera, everyone gets a part, but they are mismatched, and broken or even smarter from the learning that they did in the past movie. Now picture yourself in a lifetime, and your family and friends are with you but as you each pass away, the next step to your human experience to be clear, the best life after this one, is if you catch another chance at building relationships, and that can be with or without the people from your present life. Your soul group is made of many souls that are willing to be together and to help each other move forward in their journey to enlightenment.

It is easy to understand if you are your dad's best friend as well as his son. If you have a twin that you treat more like a child. If you tend to act like a mother to your best friend. At the risk of sounding like Jeff Foxworthy, you might be a past lifer! If you are the one that loses her love in this life, and in a past life, you may have taken him away from another and married. There may be karmic pacts that need to be settled to make it right between two souls. If you and a friend are family in one life, and strangers to each other to your knowledge in this one until you meet later in life, it all adds up with the rest of the story, when you know the past life history. Have you ever felt that you knew someone better or that you know them from somewhere as you first meet? So many times when we meet someone that is in our soul group we may not recognize them right away, but we may just feel like we have a strong sense of knowing them. You hit it off so fast it is like you have known them for years. That is a clue that you have a soul group connection.

If you have not read Many Lives Many Masters, by Brian Weiss, I suggest you do, It is a great way to understand the relationships between you and the family and friends that you have, and why some people are so close and even though others are a part of the group in your life, they feel like they just never quite fit in. Dr. Weiss, a psychiatrist, found out by accidentally regressing a patient under hypnosis that he can find out about a person's past lives by bringing them back further than the present life. What was even more interesting was that there were similar people in each person's past life that also were in the subject's present life but in different significant roles and recognized them through hypnosis. This sometimes happened over and over with the same group of people in one subject's regression. It was their soul group.

A cast of many characters that play in the intwining of your life and others around you. And with each new production, we teach, we learn, we fall in love, we try again. Who do you think is in your soul group? Look for the people that are in your life for a reason. Some teach you to laugh, some are hard on you, and others are mean. But they are all the most reasonable people to help you become your favorite people, that you admire and love. Some may even be famous, and you never even met them in person. But once they pass on, they make an appearance in your life as a guide or a friend. Many do know you, and they think of all that you have done for them, too.

In my life, I know that my parents, my brother, and my friend from a past life were in my life for a reason. And in that past life, my friend was my husband, my brother was my friend, and my dad was his father. And my mother was a young friend. And I remember hearing songs from a man that died when I was young. I know that it is crazy to assume, but if his soul just walked up and told you that he needed to tell you his secret, then I think you'll understand that your own soul group could reach out to just about anyone that you can imagine. And someday, all the answers will make sense. Someday, you will see how all the characters in the your story line, are there for you, as you are for them. Until, it's really over. And you get to live in Heaven with no worries or unfinished business to accomplish. And a huge soul group that always loves you.

Anne St. John is a professional psychic medium and author. She can be reached for readings at in person and virtually.

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