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Echo Valley 2-6809

Updated: May 31

How does being a Medium, the Partridge Family, and healing from a message, all come together? I am like any other client that has lost someone special to me. I got a message just the other day, driving back home from St. Augustine, Florida. It was Echo Valley 2-6809.

I know that I connect when I am driving. It clears my mind and I often get the family and friends that I know who have passed on in my mind. Some talk to me in my thoughts. Others just whisper a tune. He came in to the vehicle and sat in the passenger seat as he used to in college. And he knew, that as I was growing up, in the 70's that my favorite band was the Partridge Family. I had listed to so many of their songs on vinyl until the record needle would be worn down. But here is the story. David Cassidy was there with him. He was trying to explain the way that this ex-boyfriend had cheated on me and used me. The story goes that I left. And I more or less left him for another. I went to my life and saw the changes in me. And in his world, he knew that I knew that I needed cheering up or at least that I needed to hear something of an apology. So, David took the song and started to sing it to me as a sign. Before I knew what was happening, this song echoed in my mind: Echo Valley 2-6809, I used to call that number all the time... Echo Valley 2-6809... I should have called that number... That is when I asked Siri to play the song and I was able to get his entire message. And it began...

We grew up together with ferris wheels and sunshine laughter A rainbow love that lasted after the rain Now we're separated and I've become a lonely runner And when I rest, I hurt and I wonder if I'll ever see you again Echo Valley 2-6809 I used to call that number all the time But the last time that I called you We hung up cryin' Echo Valley 2-6809 I can see it clearly in my mind But I'm scared to call 'cause it's been Such a long, long time Never been much for writin', 'cause what do you say to a dream that's dyin' A fragile lifeline that's untyin', oh no - oh, no I can't face the sunrise - lightin' up a road to nowhere Where you are - I have to go there - are you waitin' - I've got to know Echo Valley 2-6809 I gotta call that number one more time 'Cause I've just got to know if you're still mine "Hello, operator? Get me Echo Valley 2-6809" [Operator:] "You have reached a disconnected number" Echo Valley 2-6809 I shoulda called that number Echo Valley 2-6809 I shoulda called that number Source: LyricFind Songwriters: Kathy Cooper / Rupert Holmes Echo Valley 2-6809 lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

You see, there was a way to apologize to me for the way this ex-boyfriend left things in 1990. He and I were in love, but we couldn't get it together. And when we spoke that night, we both hung up the phone crying or in tears. I couldn't get the rest of the song, so by playing it in the car, I could hear him say he was sorry. He needed to say he loved me with that apology, and that he knew that I loved him. And then, David tried to explain that the words in the song were about his love life too. And that you have to be able to leave to see the light. When that happened to me in the early part of 1990, this boyfriend was too scared to call me after we broke up, and when he drew up the courage, it was too late. The number was disconnected, and I was gone.

In the present time, the boyfriend I had from the 80's was leaving to move on to a new place in his Heavenly career. I was on the road in my car, and whilst I was in that vehicle, I remembered that David was still there. He knows me as well, but only from that moment. Interesting the way that David put his mind into mine, and says something of a "I promise that I will be here for you. And, promise not to laugh, I liked you. From the moment that we were together the night that we were introduced (in Spirit), I really liked you."

An apology from the guy leaving, and a new chapter is beginning with someone new in my life. This new guide on the horizon, came from listing to me in the car, and knowing that he was the one that was meant to be there. David started telling me that he would be honored if he could be that guide. And I agreed.

Sometimes, years can go by and then you hear an apology from Spirit, and you find peace, or tears again that become tears of joy. But like I said, there is not much difference between me and any of my clients. I needed to hear that message. And I know that his spirit was waiting to say it to me as well. Technically, that apology came from a boyfriend, and the peace made, was for a good reason, we can part as friends. Because, I found out that I needed more. And David was the one that gave more the heads up. He is the one that clued me in, and wanted me to have more respect. And I began to give him my time, and respect as well.

It is still in my mind even now.. Echo Valley 2-6809, I used to call that number all the time... Echo Valley 2-6809... I should have called that number.... Now that chapter is over. And a new song has begun, "I'll Meet You Halfway."

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium that continues to work for clients via phone readings, internet zoom calls and in person. You can reach her at,

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