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Does Your Family Have a Generational Curse?

I was recently approached by a friend/client who was stopped by a psychic in the street. This woman was polite but she asked if she could do an impromptu reading. And my friend shyly said, "Ok." not knowing what to make of it. The psychic said that she had some problems romantically, and that she had some family problems. And then she dropped the bomb on her - Your family has a generational curse. "Not that I cannot get rid of it - but I am not cheap. My clients pay thousands to see me", she continued. And then my friend said that she did not have that kind of money. So this "generous" psychic offered to take the generational curse off the family for half the price - Just $500. Can you imagine.? She offered her to remove a curse for $500. And that would end the negativity. My friend did not have that kind of money either but the idea of a generational curse still haunted her after she had left this women on the street. And then she called me to see what negativity was in her life and if that was a real thing. I explained what I knew and why I know my answer is true.

I want to be clear. Sometimes we have messages that are not what we want or expect to hear. There are reasons that you have what is going on in your life happening to you. There are features of your life that may resemble a bad 'Lifetime Channel" movie. And that is normal. We as humans are the top of the charts in the department of getting healthy by learning from the mistakes that we make. And there are family members that you have in your life that may also be in a bad way from time to time. But remember, each individual soul is ready to take on so many challenges when they arrive here, and many are ready to become great heroes, And then there are those that are trying to discover themselves and who they really are as a person. So m many souls, and so few lifetime moments to act as they should. And to be honest, they really want to make a mark in the world. Kindness. Fortitude. Remembering when they discovered the word love, and the words " I love you" are so many of our new hopes for the planet. How do you rank in the Spirit world? Tell me how many times have you failed at mentoring or being a good father or having a meltdown when you could have just hugged someone instead. Recall that it is the journey that takes you to Heaven, not the execution of good or bad behavior.

Each step in the process is part of your learning experience. You may have a huge obstacle to overcome, but once mastered, you will feel so grateful for the experience. And then just like clockwork, you will see another problem to solve, obstacle to overcome, or new turn of events to mindfully think through. You and perhaps your parents or even your grandparents have dealt with alcoholism, anger management, domestic violence, emotionally distancing from friends and family, being a workaholic, love lives that never meet expectations or even suicides. Does that make you or your family cursed? No, dear one. It makes you human.

And I know because Spirit told me that CURSES are not real. So, as my guides and two more people in Spirit are telling me,. you have the right to be a very good representative of your family, and know that you are not the first to feel singled out if you feel that things always seem to go wrong. But, you are not cursed. You are normal.

I assured my friend today that the normal course of a lifetime, is to have strife. Not all day everyday - that I would tell. you is a matter that you can change something that is harming you, and know that you are forgiven before you even ask God to forgive you for leaving someone or something that has taken its toll on your body or mind. And to leave anyone or any substance that does not fully treat you well or respect you. Trust God that you are forgiven before you even ask to leave if you are being harmed. And know that you have the right to be happy. No one can just judge you and tell you that you are wrong. Only you can see the full picture. So, even if your life seems bleak, and it seems tougher than you thought. I promise you a $500 or $1000 cure by a psychic is not the answer. That person is a fraud. Do not trust anyone that asks you to give them large sums of money to remove something like a curse or a spell. It is a scam that makes real psychics cringe. It makes me want to face-plant my head into my hand and ask God why some fake psychics are so cruel to take money from people that just want to live and become happier. People that scam should think better of themselves and not harm others.

Eventually, you realize that your life is so difficult to make beauty out of the behaviors of you and others. Your personal guide will take you through your life, and give you the best and the worst highlight reel. And then see that the tougher you are, the tougher your life will turn out. Because honestly, you cannot grow without facing the higher problems. And you would not want to have it easy. How would you feel being 20 years old and sitting in a kindergarten seat? You need to work on your level, not someones else's that is just a beginner. I hope that gives you real understanding. Curses are great for storytelling of a old mummy in an ancient Egyptian tomb, but are not real. You are real. And your life was meant to be lived with humility when times are tough. Just recall that you have the choice to be the best or the worst of your own story. Write yourself the happily ever after you deserve.

And remember, you are not cursed, and neither is your family. You and yours are blessed.

Anne St. John is an author and Psychic Medium, who is available by appointment via

You can also follow Anne on Facebook for inspiration at #PsychicMediumStJohn

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