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Do You Know These 5 Types of Psychic Vampires?

Energy. We are all made of it. We are supported by it. And people can drain us of it. Emotional Energy Vampires. And they can be anywhere in your life. A husband, a friend, a simple co-worker... even you, if you are not careful.

How can you recognize them and how can you stop them. See if you can recognize any of these types of people in your life.

A worried girl is being hurt by emotional and psychic vampires from fighting
Your anxiety may be from someone taking your Positive Energy away.

The Narcissist - This is a person who only thinks of themself. They are the only person that matters in the relationship. You are just there to serve them, admire them and submit to them. Emotionally, you do not matter. They take all the credit and the reward. You get lost in emotional battlegrounds trying to regain your self esteem. Narcissists will gaslight you into thinking that you are always the problem. You are never enough. And that you are to be thankful for the comfort of their praise. If you dare to stir up trouble by being tempted to call them out, they decide to label you the victim or the martyr. You are not crazy, you are in a horrible, horrible vampiric relationship with a false 'God', themself.

The Victim - This is the person that needs your help forever sorting out their life. No one can seem to talk any sense in to them, but you can be there to listen. and listen and hear once again the same sad tale. You may be a good friend, but you are allowing them to take your time and energy to boost them up as they deplete you. They drain your energy as you try to bring theirs up and as they leave you better for the moment, you attempt to regain your stamina, and your emotional balance. It's not that they don't like you, but you are the one that they know will lift them up by confiding in you. But then each time you do, they take more of your patience, and your understanding, and your energy to help them. The victim may heal temporarily from your attention, but at what cost. Being real with them and telling them to take action is the only solution. If not, you are subject to the 'woe is me' attitude and stuck trying to be happy with the little that they are able to give back to you.

The Drama Queen - The need for attention is almost as important as the need to breathe. The Drama Queen may even lie and create more grandiose plans to make sure that he or she gets the story line that they want. The larger the better, the victims are just waiting for the curtain to fall. She wants all the attention and if challenged, she will be back with more creative stories that involve him or her becoming the Hero, the Victim or the Solution. A uncanny need to have the better car, the highest quality phone, or the expensive house, this may be added to with a side trip to "I got it for practically nothing'. Knowing that they are making it all too personal and a 10 on a reality scale of a 2 is what is particularly fake about this behavior. Make no mistake, a simple conversation will leave you drained of all your energetic positivity from the grandiose expectations of taking your attention and awe.

The Conversationalist - Always the person with the narrow point of view, they are certain that they are correct, and will make sure that you and the rest of the planet knows it. On a phone, they are the ones that will talk 95% of the time, all the time, and not let you get the a word in edgewise. They will go on about the neighbor, the medical issue, the man that stopped by, the woman that ran into her mailbox. Whatever the story, she is on the scene with the latest gossip and the political viewpoint of the day. And when they stop to talk about you they will give plenty of advice on how to manage the simple things that you already know how to do. Just listening to the overbearing, loud and performance oriented conversation is enough to make you deeply drained of all your will to take a little back in the discussion.

The Bully - Fixated on blaming, this is the one that can be the most damaging. He or she will find you guilty before you even know that you are the one being blamed. You are the one that is in trouble. Your keister is on the line constantly. If you are sleeping, they weaken you, by making you the party to the things that are left undone around the house. You are the failure in their eyes, so you do everything you can to please them. Buying gifts, adding to the chores on your side of the fair share, and feeling anxious whenever there is a problem. Certain to be told off or told what to do all the time, you feel like it will never end. The only solution is to get out, in to the office, or a friends house. Drinking, affairs, lying, and doing anything to keep the peace become the aftermath that often happens just to keep this angry force of nature off your back. Unless you are strong enough to escape. Beware.

Emotional and Psychic Vampires are dangerous creatures
Emotional and Psychic Vampires are dangerous creatures.

People that are particularly supportive often fall prey to these Psychic and Emotional Vampires. Energy drainers often do not realize that they are the reasons for someone else's pain and suffering. That is why it is so easy for each of us to become what we don't want to be. Vain, selfish, angry, or hurt, we tend to be the victims for some and the perpetrators for others. We are all guilty of some of it at some point in our lives. But masking that realization and providing more discomfort to others is not worthy or good for anyone. These people are in the worst pain, however, you cannot save them entirely. You can try, but be aware that if you are with someone too long, it can be your emotional baggage that you will have to claim, or even your untimely death. Self destruction, or even self sacrifice can become your demise through drinking or abuse. Try to distance yourself from these types of people. Be careful not to become party to their tactics. And wait for the day that God gives them the full pardon that they deserve, because you cannot save them. Only they can do that.

Anne St. John is a psychic medium, author and her authentic self. She is available for readings by appointment only at

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