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Connecting to Your Intuition

Harmony. Peace. Wisdom. We all have it within. But it is finding the way to make it stay with you that can become challenging. Working with others, and challenging yourself, can through you off course. But when you truly understand how to connect to your intuition, your inner wisdom, and your authentic self, you can clear any path, and accomplish any goal.

What is your path this year? Will it be to a loved one, a new beginning, or making time with your children? Will you uncover a new life that is waiting for you? Willing to see the Light at the end of every tunnel? It is all within your grasp. It is there for you to uncover. By releasing your intuition, you can always rely on the higher purpose and the best course to take in any situation.

Step 1. Reach Out with Your Feelings

You know the reasons. Now discover what you feel within. When faced with a decision, take control not to be swayed by popular demand. Look at the facts, but feel the guidance from the inside of your being. What do you feel? Does your body react in a positive or negative way when thinking of the issue. Can you be at peace with the decision, or does your mind feel anxious and ill at the time. Never tell yourself that you are doing the right thing, and feel sick about it from within. That is counter-intuitive and it means that there is a better solution to find. Feel your feelings and find the best road to any decision.

Step 2. Make Time for You

If you are too busy to sit quietly and have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, then you are overwhelming your mind-body-spirit system. Intuition does not run on a quiet time only, but it does require that you reflect on yourself, take time to realize who you are, and not rush through the day on auto-pilot just to get to the next task. You need to honor your own true authentic self. To be mindful of your feelings, you need to slow down and take time to think through the day, and the upcoming events. Your intuitive side will be reawakened when you start to feel that you are ready to face the future, without judgement or regret.

Step 3. Find the Patterns

Focus on the facts. Do you want true love, but are afraid to remain with one person? Are you not willing to recognize that you deserve respect and love? Do you set your standards at impossible heights that no one can achieve, or do you diminish your own to feel accepted? Look at all the patterns in your life. Take it slow and see that you are being taught a lesson, and that change can be slow. You may need to change the people around you. Or, it may be a change from within that is needed. It is the patterns of your past decisions that will help you find your way.

Step 4. Connect to Your Higher Self

No one can know you better than YOU. Your Higher Self, is a part of you that has a direct line to the Light. You are always connected to the Heavens, to God, to the Universe. No matter what you feel at the time, your Higher Self has a true understanding of why you are here, and what is being taught to you in this time. Being unafraid to discover the truth of who you really are, a Soul, a Being of Light and Love, and a better blessed version of the body, is who you need to uncover. No one has to regret the past, or fear the future, when you know that each step you take in this world is to help you find the happiness you always needed.

Step Five. Trust Yourself

Fear will follow you around and tell you that you are being ridiculous. That taking time to ask Spirit for guidance, or to patiently pray for what you need is a waste of time. Fear will take away all the things that God has wrapped in beautiful gift paper each year for you to unfold and discover. Intuition is based in TRUST. Trusting yourself, and trusting your guides, and Heaven to help you discover the truth. You may find that the truth is better than anything that you can make up to make your ego feel better. The interior of the soul states that you need to be alive, at peace, and in harmony. Knowing yourself as a soul is a better way to feel the love that is rightfully yours in any situation. And you can find peace in all things. But first, you have to trust.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium, Author, and Intuitive Teacher. You can find readings, and intuitive instruction at

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