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Balancing the Energy Field Within You

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

You are made of energy. And when the energy of your soul is in alignment, it gives you the best chance of balancing your life into a healthy and forgiving place. You choose the lifestyle, the way you meet others, the focusing on the past, the future or the now. And you choose the family and friends that you are connected to, and who want to be around. It is all about the energy, the pull towards others that are like minded and you can help yourself become more balanced and peaceful. You can help yourself feel more gratitude and love, you can let go of past hurts, and you can help guide others there too, it is all in the energy around you.

The energy that surrounds you, it is a field of vibrations that make up your etherial body. Energy cannot be destroyed. Your energy, the Soul, the Life Force, the Heavenly Body, those are all terms for your special part of the Universe. You can live in the Light of this Universe, the Love, in God's Light, or you can choose to be far from it, rejecting the Light and living in Darkness. Because we were all given free will, we have that choice. But focusing on your own energy field, will help you see that you are in either a good place or a bad one. If you have some indifferences, or something bad happened that you are having trouble forgiving either others or yourself, then you may be on a path of forgiveness. Here is how to balance the energy that makes up the field of you.

First imagine that you could speak the Light right back into your life. Some believe that God spoke the Universe into being. Spoke. And like Him, we are creative beings that are always in Spirit even when we are still living inside a body. And we can use that same technique to choose the present, forget the past, and learn for the future. But living in the now, is the best way to become more tuned in to Spirit. Speak your intentions. Speak of what you feel you have that is good coming to you. Believe that you can speak it into your life.

I recommend that you move the energy around the room and clear any negativity. You can bless each room and push the energy around with your mind, your hand, and your thoughts. Native Americans would use sage, or smudging to do this as they spoke to Great Spirit, in Heaven. However you interpret Heaven, you can do the same. Smudge sticks are a simple way to use the smoke to gently clear the stagnant energy fields out of the home, and away from you personally. Sage, juniper, lavender and many other smudge sticks are available for you to use to clear the spaces around you. I also recommend that you blow the smoke into the areas of the home, while asking in prayer for the highest good to remain in your home and for Heaven to remove any darkness, confusion or fear from your areas.

Once you have cleared the area, then it is time for you to do the same within. Focus on the chakras - the points of light and energies within your soul. Beginning at the root, and following the colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and surrounding it all in a white light. See the photo below. As you focus on each light, think of it in alignment with your body. If one color feels off to you, or has a bad sense about it, it may not be your imagination. It may be out of balance, and needs to be pushed back into the right place in line with the body.

To do this, you want to focus on the color. Soul work, is like an artform, and it is meant to be done with the Spirit, and you do this with your mind. The Mind-Body-Spirit connection is how you work within to move this ball of light back into the right place, the interior balance, and getting it there is like pushing that energy ball with your hands and back in to place, as seen above. For example, you may feel that it is difficult to get your words out. You may be feeling that you are not welcomed to comment, or feeling as if your voice is not being heard. Try thinking of the blue throat chakra, that may be off centered. Feel that ball of blue light come back to where it belongs in the throat area and grow that energy ball to be large and clearly healthy as it spins into place near your voice box. To go through each color in a meditative state, will help you decide if anything is out of alignment. And simply push it back with your imagination, as your mind works the body, and the Spirit to have it all in the perfect harmonic place.

When you are done, use that white light of Spirit to contain it all into place. Surround yourself with the White Light and imagine in your mind how it destroys any fragments of darkness or dirty energy. Love, protection and comfort, now surround you. You are better than before, your heart rate should not be anxious, and negativity is dissipating. Use this energy alignment exercise whenever you need to feel centered, and thankful. You will see as you do this again and again, that you will draw the kindness, love and good energy to you. And you will attract like minded souls to you in your life to learn and love with you.

Peace be with you,

Anne St. John

Anne St. John is a psychic medium and author. She can be reached for Medium readings, Tarot and Angel card readings and more, from anywhere in the world at

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