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automatic writing and channeling spirit

It took me a long time to figure out why I was so quick speaking words coming through me from the Spirit realm. To be honest, I had been fighting this, just trying to listen and repeat what the souls are saying, but now I see the guidance and the progression that God and Spirit has given me. I channel my readings.

First of all, I began this journey of speaking when I overcame my fear of the Other Side. It was after I had become divorced, and I began to relearn how to trust myself and my intuitive gift. It was also after I had lost someone who I had loved long ago. I found myself watching everything I saw on the paranormal. And, I was vastly interested in anything about Spirit, Heaven and earth. After I found a story depicting how someone had communicated with her grandmother by writing backwards with her non-dominant hand, I decided to give it a try. I carefully began to write, and realized that the very personal message was not from own my mind at all. It was from someone new, someone who had died recently. The letter was of a personal nature, but it was to depict the love that was for me. Above all, I was given a note of thank you for the time we had shared.

After that, it was almost instantaneous. I began to write with my dominant hand, (I'm right-handed) and to be honest, I didn't need to try to write it out. I found that I was understanding my subconscious through to my conscious mind. All of that came so suddenly, and I was clearly able to communicate with people that had past away. It was as if a door was now open and I could hear the words and sense the feelings of people in Heaven.

At first, this was all awkward. I was scared of what was going on. And I was told by my family that I was not being a good Christian. That was very upsetting to me, because I was very much a good Catholic. So, I called my friend and told her what had happened. She supported what I was telling her and then I asked her if I should try to explain what I was hearing. When she said yes, I quickly said as much information as I could, which was coming from her dad, who had passed away years ago. I remembered him and his words as I spilled out everything I understood of what he told me. And he could barely understand me. He joked with me that me that I needed to slow down as I tried to explain more. It felt as if I was dumping all the information that I had into the phone call and I had to move quickly, or I may be losing some of the translation.

It took about a year before the souls were asking me again to allow them to help me. Automatic writing was easy but it became too slow and methodical. So, they gave me another choice. The typical way, the souls had explained, was to allow them to do the work. I would be there mentally, but they would allow my body to feel the words coming through. And when the words did not make sense right away, they would slow it down and help me through the toughest parts. I was feeling the energy of the souls and how they felt as my mind was reeling from the words and the way the explained each series of events. Eventually, I began to trust this method as well. It was the way they wanted to begin, but I had felt overwhelmed by it at first, and I had felt shut out of the control of what was said. I has to slowly build a relationship in trust with my guides. And after we, my guides and myself rebuilt that trust, I began to see the benefit of channeling. Automatic talking would be a better fit to describe it. I had to understand that it was someone from Heaven standing beside me, which made me feel safe again. The anxiety eventually drained from me. And I finally understood that I was a channel of soul energy.

Our own soul energy is what fuels our body through the mind. Sensing Spirit, is how I would describe a reading where I listen and then repeat. But channeling is more of a Spirit package. It gives a lot of intuitive information fast and allows everything to flow through a filter - me. So I have to be careful not to get my mind in the way. Visuals, words, feelings of emotion and of physical sensations, and even an understanding of how words are taken in context as they are given is channeled. I began by automatic writing, but this has become easier to understand because it is the entire use of my senses to convey the messages. And as a Medium, this is a new beginning of my journey as a soul, and as one who communicates on behalf of them.

 Anne St. John is a Certified Psychic Medium.  With a fully Virtual and Mobile office, she has the ability to help you in any part of the world.  Recognized through the many passionate reviews of her clientele, from Mediumship to psychic consulting and guidance, see how she can be of assistance to you. 

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