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Are You Clairaudient and Just Don't Know It?

Before I understood that I was actually listening to people in Spirit - I dismissed it. I felt that I knew what it was, I understood the messages but I did not understand where it was coming from and because we are all psychic to some degree, you may be doing the same thing too!

Once I began to really research psychic abilities, I began to analyze my thinking. I counted and started writing out the coincidences. In a journal, I listed at least 21 memories right away that I knew were from me listening in my own mind to another perspective, that either gave me information or allowed me to see things from a different point of view.

I remember as a child that I had a lot of trouble reading because it was difficult to focus. I was easily distracted because I would be interrupted by my thoughts. Drifting in were ideas about people, or what just happened. Typical of a child, but mine were sometimes a bit different. As it felt like someone was talking to me, and that I just needed to listen for a bit. Staring off into space, I was called out for daydreaming or not paying attention. But I had been, just not to the outside world.

As I got a bit older it would happen when I was driving alone, I would turn off the radio and just think. But my thoughts were not always just thinking about what I wanted. It was often what I should do. Maybe you need to call your brother. That thought repeated in my head many times and became a real problem the night before he died. It could not be a coincidence. Especially when I was so exasperated that I answered my thoughts out loud. I literally had to answer my thoughts out loud to get them to stop! Unfortunately, I could not reach Miles and he died that night.

Then there was the time that I was driving away after a fight on New Year's Eve with my (now ex) husband. I was not paying attention to the road, and I was so mad that I was just waiting for the light to turn green to make the left turn and start driving home on I-95, when I heard a calm voice in my head say, 'Look at the oncoming car on the left, he is going to drive through the light when it turns red.' My light turned to a green arrow, and I hesitated as I heard "wait... wait" as I watched the oncoming car pass through his red light - and just as he would have hit me had I turned left when my light turned green. Thankfully, I made it home safe by midnight.

I know that I am not alone here. I have spoken to people that have had similar experiences. Once a woman told me that she was in a terrible car accident that took her years to recover from physically. And she recalled that right before, she remembers hearing in her head - 'Take the long way home. Don't take the shortcut today.' She shook off the internal advice, went the short way and was t-boned and left with her legs broken. Similarly, I have shook off internal advice that I just felt was a thought coming in, and then to find out that I should have listened.

Perhaps our Guides, our Guardian Angels or a good Samaritan Spirit was trying to help. But I have learned to listen. Countering it in my mind, I feel that the way to make it easy, is to think clearly and safely. From a position of balance and a place of calm it is the best way to decide what to do. If you do not recognize that you are getting guidance, and I am sure that everyone is far more than we expect, then make your choices wisely and with patience. That is when we are open to reason and listening without being emotional or impulsive. That is when our Soul is willing to listen to Heaven and take the best course of action.

Remember, all of the times that we say to ourselves, we need to call someone, or maybe that we hear that the phone is ringing and you just know it is your mom, or your friend. Or we think we are talking to ourselves in our own thoughts, when we ping-pong a problem back and forth. But perhaps the reality of it is that we are talking in mind to someone in Heaven, and we are just protecting our psyche by telling ourselves it is just our own thinking... talking to myself again to solve a dilemma. If you were to trust that it was a Guide or Spirit, then would you still be okay? Perhaps you are more psychic than you think.

I personally, followed the breadcrumbs until I found it to be okay to understand that I am speaking to Heaven. I tested my theory on many people that I knew, and many that I never met before. Understand that it takes a whole lot of trust in Heaven and your own self, to tell someone over the phone that you feel that the person that is communicating to you is male, and that they know you well, like a father and he is talking about something Irish like a Rose of Tralee. Just to have the person tell you yes, my father has passed on and yes we are Irish, and that makes perfect sense since we..." I believe that we are all psychic to some degree, and what we do makes the difference. Trusting Spirit is the first step, because the more you trust them, the more they will allow you to have. Then just know that there is more to life than what we see in front of us. That there are reasons to know that perhaps your dad, or a grandfather is still trying to assist you. And not that you need all the help you can get but that the love that they have for you is immeasurable. And that you needed them as much as they still love and need you. Recognizing that is not so bad, and knowing that you can still hear them - in your own private thoughts - is not so bad either. Trust yourself. And Heaven can guide you clairaudiently.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium and author of Miles Away, the channeled messages of my brother's suicide and his journey into Heaven. Anne is available for readings by appointment only at

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