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Are You an Empath?

Empath, you are like me. I was always the kid that could flip roles in my mind. What would I want if I were the other person. Caring, giving, and sensitive, an empath is someone that views the world through understanding the emotions that are driving the situations, and can make decisions based on the emotional value of what they are receiving. Basically, they can understand different points of view based on being caring enough to switch places emotionally with others and therefore they feel others feelings. Inside themselves, they are able to feel a general sense of well being or the opposite, that things are off. They rely on a subconscious emotional boundary that is not always strong until they learn to draw the lines with people that are not as generous or thankful.

The qualities that make up an empath, also lead them to be highly sensitive to intuitive abilities. They have tendencies to understand the world through an emotional vibe. So, finding information based on trusting the universe to download it into them, or thinking it without understanding that it is not their original thought, is common.

Before I became an awakened empath, I would think conversationally. Back in forth in my mind, to think quietly to myself was in reality to be answered by another. But I did not acknowledge this to myself, although I hinted that I would be okay if I understood this. Had I sat down and thought about it logically, I would have realized that I am getting help from people in Spirit, and not to be afraid that they were passed on and this was real. It was my soul that changed the way I understood the process of how I was communicating within. I did not understand enough about how Spirit communicates to wrap my mind around it, but I always felt that I was talking in my mind either with a friend or to myself, and how would I know who it was unless I was unafraid to allow myself to think this way. Let's face it, the world is changing to become more sensitive to others and less dismissive of lifestyles, learning and interpreting the world differently than the mainstream traditionalists. Upon feeling safe, I was able to take that leap emotionally to allow myself that I can hear from the deceased. And therefore, could reasonably pass along the information.

If you don't believe that you can, then you are blocking the gift from yourself internally. Like a form of self sabotage, or protection against people that would treat you differently, and that you may even lose friends, fall out of love or feel unwanted by the normal group that you are with in your life. That can be pretty scary for someone that feels the emotional values of those that are near and dear to them.

Empaths must also learn healthy boundaries or they may find that they will attract wounded souls or narcissists that prey upon them based on their caring and forgiving nature.

When all you see is the emotional value of others, you can easily forget your own. Empaths are often in danger of becoming people pleasers - those that will do anything for another person to gain their respect and attention. And for fear of losing them, or making someone else unhappy or angry, they sacrifice what they want to say or feel so that the other people are okay with them. It is really very counter-intuitive to be someone else's best friend and not your own. You can see how a narcissist would easily manipulate and destroy someone emotionally of the empaths, so that they could constantly get their way, or become destructive enough to physically abuse them and often emotionally abuse that empath. The hardest thing for an empath is to ignore someone else's feelings and place themselves first. That is why so many have sacrificed and some survived immature and unnatural relationship with a narcissist personality.

When an empath can truly say that he or she is willing to see themselves as valuable, then they will be giving the world a new light that shines for them and others. The huge difference is that they trust themselves. They can do the reading, they can do the work, they can do whatever their heart desires, but it is the value of themselves that they can find peace without relying on the approval of others.

Setting boundaries are a part of understanding that peace. To be empowered to say no, that it will not work on your end. Or to feel that you did what you could and it is not your fault that someone else chooses to take it the wrong way. To live with the freedom to say that you are not willing to go through hell just to get someone else to love you brings understanding and firm boundaries. There are reasons that the empath has to protect herself, or himself from other's emotions, they cannot help people that are not willing to value what they have available, even when it is just a listening ear.

As an empath, the best way that you can help others is to make sure that you are helping you first. You cannot save someone that does not want to be saved. If the plane has a change in cabin pressure, and the air masks drop down, you have to be willing to place the mask on yourself first before you assist your neighbor. So, watch how much better your life becomes after you treat yourself with the understanding that you would want to have before handing it away to anyone else. Feel your own emotions first and then others. And protect yourself, your own emotions and how you feel. Then when you are centered, your decisions will serve you and be based on centered values, too.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium and Author. You can find her at and book appointments with her in person, over the phone, and via Zoom and FaceTime.

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