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Are You Afraid of Speaking to Your Loved Ones in Heaven?

We all have our doubts, our fears and the hopes that someone will come through during a Medium Reading. But are you intimidated by what they may tell you. Listen, I know that it sounds crazy to some, but when I speak to families before the reading, some are a little hesitant. As much as they want to hear from a loved one in Heaven, they are a bit scared of the outcome. What if those in Heaven are now so knowledgeable that they know all about the stuff you tried to hide from them while they were alive? What if you have made decisions then and now that are not what they would have done? And what if they are still angry over an past issue that happened? These are questions that are still asked by many a client, and I have to clear the air.

I had a client that was very afraid to see if her dad still loved her because she had to make the decision to turn off his respirator in the hospital. She was sick over it. I had a family member that was afraid to talk to her parent who she loved so much, because she felt that she could never do enough for her and also spent the inheritance differently than what her mother would have done. And another who felt that it was all her fault that his sibling died, only because he was unable to reach him before the accident happened. It can be simple or complicated, but so many people are afraid of leaning what the dearly departed are waiting to tell them. In fact, many have even cancelled readings just to re-decide to do the reading anyway!

It is a lot of pressure if you are uncertain of who will come through for you and what if they have nothing to say, or something that would just hurt you to the core. But I have the answer. I introduce myself to Spirit most of the times as a conduit. I also try to remain silent on many occasions when it looks like the truth can hurt. Once I hesitated to tell a woman that her mother hated her new look of shocking blue hair - but after her Mom in Heaven twisted my arm to say it - her daughter knew it was her mother without a doubt! She knew her mother would have hated it! But news is hard to tell if you don't know the person, so I have to trust what I am being told and pass along the information. However, I do try to draw the line of beating a dead horse, no pun intended.

My clients know me to be sympathetic. I gather that since I have been through a lot personally, I have a - spoiler alert - better sense of hurt that most people. So, I feel that what I am telling someone is not so harsh that I could not hear of it coming over the Spirit wire. I try to be fair and I am not trying to guide Spirit from giving a reading, but when something delicate is said, we can move on, and not continue to regurgitate it. Spirit knows how to make the best of a situation. They know not to hesitate to tell someone who ridiculous it is to think that they would still be overwhelmed at the site of someone that was hurt by them or the other way around. Past behavior is more about the lesson learned and who it will benefit to be in the know. It is important to see that the mother that had given money in her will was not at all concerned about who spent it and how. It was also very important to learn that the dad that was in the hospital was truly sorry that his child did suffer so much over turning off the life support. And to him, it was a thank you, in fact, he was grateful that the journey of life ended with the family gathered around and in prayer. And that the brother that suffered in the accident knew that his sibling was not at fault to be certain, that he was for driving that night.

I think that you will find that in your reading, we often underestimate the Spirit Side. Those that have joined Heaven may have jousted with you in the past, but they certainly want you to see them in a whole new Light. The small stuff and some of the large stuff may have even been taken from their memories. Some are thrilled to know that they did not spoil the outcome of a marriage, or be the cause of someone else's troubles. And others in Heaven are waiting for you to realize that the love they had for you was so great that anything ugly that happened in the past is worth forgetting. Just remind yourself that God is watching over you. And you have the right to change what you can. Spirit and everyone in Heaven are waiting for you to see that they are as peace was intended, and you should never worry about the Heavens, but know that Heaven as always is in love with seeing you through.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium who resides in Central Florida and can be reached for readings all over the world at

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