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A Thanksgiving Made with Gratitude

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

When Your Family is Missing Someone Special During the Holidays

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. The harvest, the family, the new world and the Beyond. Some of us are missing a loved one this year. Family members or great friends that are like family, may be missing from our Holiday table. It could be a physical death, or simply because of work or emotional time away. But each of us has someone, one person, that we would love to spend time with again.

It is important to say that it could be someone that you had words with last week, or a passing that happened even long ago. And you would feel that loss especially at this time...the Holidays.

Whether you are separated from your loved ones by time, or space, or distance, remember that it is most important to find the gratitude for each soul. Not everyone is supposed to live to be 100. Try not to feel sad, or angry that they cannot be there with you this year. Your table may look baren from their absence, but their souls needs to be in another place. Yours is to be here. Among the living and the friends that you still have here with you.

My cousin, Christina died suddenly this past month. She was only 4 years older than me. And like a sister to me in many ways as we were together a lot as children. I felt her presence in the middle of the night, and I hoped that she was happy. And the only thing that I realized that she really wanted to say was that she was so excited to be alive and in no pain. And as I hoped, she was in the Light, and in a peaceful and pleasant place. No one expected her to pass. She often was ill, but never whiny about it. And she was a good to people. She laughed a lot. Drank wine. She was usually late to appointments and visits with family, and she died too soon. She was amazing. And she is gone.

But not forgotten.

And I am forever grateful for her.

So, in my own situation, and take it from someone who knows... be grateful for those that are at your table tonight as well.

Be thankful that the ones that get there late, get there. And look after the little ones that want your attention while you are busy trying to cook, and be a perfect host or hostess.

There are too many of us that look to the stars and try to make sense of all the losses.

This year, look to the stars and be grateful for each of those men and women that are meant to be in your life right now. Even when they annoy you. Or eat the most, drink your last bottle of wine, forget to take the trash out, or take a nap instead of cleaning up, be thankful for them. All of those souls are part of the makeup of you, and your loved ones. They are a part of the living.

And they need you, too.

Your loved ones in Heaven are often there in the Holidays to see you, when you are least aware of their presence. Be that person that remembers them fondly, and loves them, faults and all. And blows them kisses in the wind to remind them that they are missed. As we all move forward, without them in the chair, we look to the new friends, the new family members ... even those that we needed to re-invite to make them understand that they are still loved and wanted in the group.

Extend that gratitude. Ask the black sheep to dinner...

Be patient with the lost, and the lonely.

Ask your family to pray with you.

It is what your family in Heaven would want for you.

To Love without Boundaries.

And always with Gratitude.

Have a Peaceful and Blessed Thanksgiving.

Anne St. John

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium, and Author of Miles Away, the Channeled Notes of My Brother's Suicide and His Journey Into Heaven.



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