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A Glimpse of what Heaven Looks Like

Take a look at the picture below. It is a doorway to Heaven. A great hall is there before you and a door stands open, inviting you to enter. Through the door you see trees, and some flowers. And in my drawing, from when I was nine, you also could see a cobblestone path and a bunny and a bird in the tree. The picture below is the closest to what I had drawn that day. And it was really Heaven.

When I was in the 5th grade, and in a hand picked special art class with Ms. Mertz, she gave us an assignment. She handed out huge papers to draw on that took up more than our half of the tables so she spread us out all over the art room. There were about ten of us. We each were told not to get too close to anyone else, and to close our eyes and see the image in our minds first before we began to draw. She was a great art teacher. I loved her way of making each person show their best work, just by giving us encouragement. I saw the picture in my mind. I saw a door from a hallway, and it was a long hallway with white walls. It looked plain form the inside, but with the door open, you could see Heaven. The path, the trees, the distance through the door with the sky full of light and all the animals and flowers around the tree. I drew it exactly the way I saw it.

When we were done, we each took turns showing our work to the other students in the class. Ms. Mertz, asked us to explain why we chose what we did. I was near the end of the group. I was a little nervous because my drawing was the only one that had the door open. Everyone else had beautiful pictures with clouds and some with stairs. My drawing was more about what Heaven looked like through the door and theirs with the door closed. Ms. Mertz asked me why I chose it to be that way, and I just shrugged and told the class that it was the way that I see it in my mind. She loved it.

When I grew up, I began to become more interested in learning to trust my inner self, and learning about dreams, intuition, and mediumship. I went over in my mind what led me to this path, of talking to Spirit, and passing messages to loved ones. It is not exactly the curriculum that you can choose from high school and college classes like Home Economics or Accounting. But I reached back into my memory and found this story to tell about that day in art class. It is not the only story to tell, but it added to the many that made me feel that I was intuitive all along, and perhaps even gifted. Learning from Spirit, I know that I made some mistakes too, but I also feel that as I was guided to do, I should always focus on Heaven. The door is open for a reason, and I feel it is for me to step through it at any given time to speak with people in Spirit and relay the information.

I want to take a moment to thank Ms. Mertz, from James Caldwell Elementary who taught me to trust my own vision. Her mind was so cool to me. She could make anything look amazing. And I learned that the real version of the story is the true version. At nine years old, I learned how to begin to trust my own feelings, emotions, art and my mind. I learned self esteem, and how to ask for help when I needed it. I know in my own way that when I reached out to see what Heaven looked like, I was answered in my mind by my family in Spirit, my guides and perhaps an Angel or two. But I remember drawing this picture, it was so real. So real that it was truly a glimpse of Heaven.

When you dream tonight, think of what you may find if you were to visit Heaven. Ask for some assistance as you drift off. In many near death experiences people have described a path, or a waterfall, some show the light coming for them, and some show loved ones reaching out to them. Other NDE's have claimed to see Christ, Angels and even their past on pets running towards them. So many possibles in one beautiful HereAfter. But you will not need a near death experience to find Heaven. What will you dream about? Choose to dream about finding Heaven. And when you have a chance, close your eyes, picture what you see, and draw it out in colored pencils or crayons as I once did. I am willing to bet that you will be right. It is really Heaven, not just a dream.

Anne St. John is an Author, and Psychic Medium who can be reached for appointments at

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