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100 years from the roaring 20's

Think back to New Year's Eve 2020. You may have partied like a Gatsby, ossified on champagne and martinis, added bowties and feathers into your wardrobe, and started calling your friends by their new nickname, "old sport". And, now that the new decade is upon us, how do we make it swell, you know - the cat's pajamas?

When the last piece of golden confetti hits the dance floor like a ton of bricks, and the champagne is no longer sparkling, then what will happen to each of us? What is being planned in the minds of this great generation, who will high-tail it out of this decade, and where are you in particular going to make your mark in society? Come on in glad-ragger, I will show you.


As a Medium, I speak to people that have passed on. And that includes many on the Other Side that have lived during the 1920's, and what a decade it was! Motor cars and fast lanes, style and sophistication, and it was far more romantic than we know! But that was the day, some would say. This is the same generation of... my grandparents! (pictured below at their Manhattan wedding) Growing up and growing older, we take less risk and hide the risque'. But the one thing that always remains is that we change.

Change is good, and inevitable. This decade to come, the new Twenties will define a generation. And you are about to embark on it. There is a plan for you. You have wonderful guides and loved ones past on that have seen themselves through similar times. Count on them to help you navigate and achieve the next set of years in your life.

Ask yourself some of the hard questions. What do you want to see happen in the next decade. Do you feel that you will start the new year with the new job, family, place to live? How can you handle that bad situation that is nagging at you? What has you wondering how to make the next step. When will you reach your goals? And how do you find that loved one or change your present relationship to make you both happy ever after? (Like this beautiful couple pictured above!)

You have friends in High Places that are willing to assist you. Guides, loved ones past on, and people I work with on the Other Side, too. Using discernment through tea leaves, Oracle cards, and one of my favorites - The Good Tarot, I give your people a jumping off point to discuss how to help you. And it can be life changing. Each soul needs a group or a subset of people that assist from the Hereafter - as well as the ones you find physically on earth. First, meditate on what you need to focus on. Meditation and Prayer are always my two first stops in the process of the best readings. What did you discover that needs attention? And what questions are you ready to ask your Angels and Guides to assist you? You are now set up to benefit from their knowledge and experience... and go! You can book your appointment.

Everything is Jake when you know your onions. If you're a flyboy carrying a torch some ritzy sheba, or a doll wishing to neck with a Frosh with no fire extinguisher, and don't know how to ankle your way, then you have to get the led out. My advice so that you don't get the bum's rush is to call on your guides, and they will take care of you. Now that you are on the trolley, the next ten years are going to be the berries, pixieface!

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium that lives in St. Augustine, Florida. Fully Mobile and Virtual Office that can be reached via the web, Skype, Facetime and phone anywhere in the world. Book your appointment at   Psychic Consulting is available using Tarot, TeaLeaves, Angel Cards and Inspirational Guidance Cards.

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