Booking rules & Cancellation Policy

Remember, booking an appointment is setting our calendar in motion as well as your loved ones in Heaven.   Spirit is involved as soon as you set your intent.  And from even to the smallest mini reading to a full hour or more of our services, Heaven is involved probably more than either you or I think! 
Reuniting both sides of the Veil is not always easy but if you are undecided, it is better to wait and feel ready to hear from those that have made the journey to Heaven. 
Please be advised that there are no refunds on Services.  
Clients understand that they are holding a spot so all reservations are nonrefundable.
If the client is  unable to attend then they are welcome to reschedule with the office at the next available time that Ms. St. John is available.  Clients that do not appear without advanced notice will have forfeited the right to reschedule. 
All clients that book are certifying that they are 18 years or older.  Children are not allowed to book appointments without expressed written permission of a parent or guardian.  Refunds will not be given but will be transferable to an adult. 
Any misconduct or misbehavior, sexual harassment, illegal drug use or other form of physical or emotional harmful behavior toward Ms. St. John or the office of Anne St. John, the Medium, llc will result in termination of the reading and the forfeiture of all payment in full.  No refunds will be given if the reading is stopped by Ms. St. John due to the bad behavior of the client or any of their associated party.
All readings are considered intuitive interpretation for personal and educational use only and are not to be confused with emergency, legal, medical or any other professionally regulated advice.   
No portion of this website may be copied for purposes of personal or professional use, in whole or in part, without expressed written permission given by the owner, Anne St. John, The Medium LLC.

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