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I consider myself an Intuitive Consultant.  I have the ability to connect people in Spirit to those here on the Earth.  Understanding that the souls in Heaven are truly alive and able to connect with us here, my gift is more about passing along the messages that they give me.  Whether you are seeing me for a Tarot Reading (to get direction in your life) or for a full Mediumship Session (to get the direct messages to you from your loved ones in Heaven) - both involve your Guides, Heaven, and those that are still watching over you from a Higher Place.

From a very young age I remember the messages that I had as a child, and teenager, and as a young adult.  It was not until my brother died at age 19 from suicide, did I start to really pay attention to the communication that I was receiving and began to relay messages to friends and family.


My journey eventually led me to helping others understand their own messages from loved ones.  And  I cherish teaching the abilities that each of us have to connect more frequently with our natural intuitive side and all that Heaven has to offer.  If anything, know that you are not alone.  Your prayers are heard, and that you should not suffer.  Each of us are in a place of learning, and eventually, we will graduate to a place that awaits us with all of our family and friends that have gone before us, who will celebrate the new life we will have together in Heaven.

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