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How Get More from your Session

And finding a Professional Psychic Medium to Guide You


1. Start by doing your research.  Read testimonials, explore websites, use Google, your own intuition, and ask people you know before you make a choice.  Not everyone is the same, and remember that some people will just resonate better with you than others.

2. Phone sessions are the same as being in person. Don’t automatically negate someone because your session is not in person with them. Spirit does not have to be with you to talk to the psychic. Where you are physically is not as important as the messages that come through.

3. Divination tools, like cards or pendulums, are helpful to some for connecting to Spirit, but not everyone needs them. There are many amazing psychics who don’t use any tools at all and are very good as well.

4. Don’t be so quick to say ‘no’.  Not everyone knows right away what is being said or understands the entire message right away.  We all tend to be forgetful under personal pressure.  (Even I once denied I knew an Ed, or Edward, and later on remembered that my Grandfather's name was Edward - he did actually go by "Grandpa" when the grandchildren were in the room!)

5. Skepticism throughs everyone in Spirit off too.  If you don’t already trust the psychic that you are with, then should wait until you finish your research to speak to right one.  Frustrating everyone (on both sides of the Veil) benefits no one.

6. It is ok to ask questions! Psychics are not a mind readers. Ask people in Spirit to answer a question and they might answer you.  Ask the psychic and they will ask the Spirit they are taking to right at that time.

7. Have no expectations. Everyone reads differently and people in Spirit are at different levels of communication.  Not everyone is the same. You will understand more if you are open to the experience of how people in Spirit communicate in different ways.

8. Take notes or, better yet, record your session so you can go back and listen again and again.  I try to record each of my sessions.  It is helpful to re-listen to the recording when you need it, and when you feel inclined.  Otherwise, you may have missed an important message that was meant for a later time.

9. Ready to start? Take a deep breath and know that your loved ones are ready to communicate with you.  It helps to know that psychics are people that want to give back, make a living, and be of service. Psychics are not all knowing and the a good one will never judge you, withhold information, and will keep your information confidential without permission to use it.

10. Trust yourself. Use your common sense. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Choosing a psychic should be more about who you feel comfortable talking to, and like a doctor or a lawyer, they should be serious about the service that they provide and love what they do.